okay so i just had a transcendent experience while using photoshop CS6

i started out with this selfie i had taken, which looked decent compared to the others i took that day so i wanted to see if i could straighten it out

so i straighten it out in photoshop but it was too badly skewed to crop nicely, so I decided to use the content-aware fill feature (since there’s just wall surrounding my head)

in case you don’t know, content-aware fill takes an area of space and essentially uses the surrounding area to “guess” what would be there, if there was anything

this is how it went for the first three corners of the picture:

i was actually impressed with how well it worked given the circumstances, until i got to the last corner of the photo — how will it respond to having the camera directly on the edge? what’s the worst that could happen, though?

this is how: (don’t click on this if you’re triggered or even just especially discomforted by body horror/general creepiness, or if you’re currently on acid, or both)

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